2 06 2013

So we were doing our usual bedtime ritual – finished watching a Dora followed by Ellis briefly acting like the entire world was crashing down upon her.

She just isn’t fond of the whole going to sleep thing. So she stalls. And stalls.

It always starts with the little fit but then matures into a series of less dramatic ploys. “I have to pee pee”. “Daddy I’m so thirsty.” “Why is that light on?” “I want Omah”. It’s a good time.

So anyway, we were through with all that and she was settling a bit, laying on her side next to me. The following conversation occurred:

ELLIS: Daddy – will you cuddle me?

ME: (Happy) Of course hun. How come? You scared or something?

ELLIS: ( Gentle smile) Not scared. I just like looking at your face when I go to sweep.

ME: (Suffused with a warm glow. Content and satisfied inside and out. Proud that I am raising this perfect little woman. Proud that she is so loving and affectionate. Proud that she is so open and emotionally giving. Proud Proud Proud.) I like your face too.


ELLIS: Daddy – um – can you get me an Oreo?

ME: ( Feeling slightly less warm and slightly less proud) No Ellis, it’s time to go to sleep.


ELLIS: ( A slightly dyspeptic look on her face) Daddy – um – I want you to leave now.



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