Ellis Speaks

31 08 2010


Hi everybody.  My name is Ellis Ainsley Kradel and this is my blog.  I can’t really talk so good so I figure maybe I will share my thoughts here.

A few things about me –  I’m 3 and a half months old and maybe 22 inches long.  I am a little chubby ‘cause it’s hard to exercise when you can’t sit up or crawl. Mostly I eat,cry, sleep, poop, and hug my mom and dad.  Dad says my head is wider than my shoulders but I’m not so sure about that.  I do know that my noggin gets awful heavy if I have to hold it up for very long.

Dad calls me Ellie or Turdlet.  I think the second one is an insult and mom doesn’t like the first one too much.  She says that if she wanted my name to be Ellie she would have named me Ellie.  So I guess that much is clear.

Mom calls me Poot or Grump-a-pottamus.  I think maybe those aren’t too nice either.

Last night I slept in my own room by myself for the first time EVER!  Dad got worried after about an hour that I might be scared of the monsters and stuff (I WAS!) so he came an’ got me.  Mom told him he was a goober and was spoilting me.  But I’m not spoilt.  I just like company.

Also today I figured out how to hold my own bottle when I eat.  I was pretty impressed with myself and puked up all my formula to celebrate.

That’s all for now.  Y’all be cool.




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